September 27, 2022

STEELPOINTE HARBOR VISION MOVING FORWARD WITH NEW PARTNERSHIP The vision of a LIVE, WORK, AND PLAY neighborhood on Bridgeport’s East Side peninsula known as Steelpointe Harbor continues to take shape. Soon, residential buildings will join the marina, retail, and restaurant establishments there as well as a burgeoning marine industry across the harbor. The harbor’s developer, […]

June 1, 2021

NORTH SAILS JOINS STEELPOINTE FAMILY Maybe it hasn’t sunk in yet, but Bridgeport’s Steelpointe Harbor has attracted the world’s finest and largest sailmaker. The company that has produced the sails for every America’s Cup winner since 1987 is dropping anchor at the Seaview Avenue site. While that is tremendous news for the city and the […]

May 4, 2021

RCI VISION TAKES SHAPE The Christoph vision for Bridgeport Harbor continues to take shape. Recently, the father and son harbor-front development team announced that global sail maker North Sails was moving manufacturing, service and sales to Bridgeport Harbor into one of Christoph’s facilities along Seaview Avenue. The parcel owned by the Steelpointe Harbor developers across […]

April 16, 2021

HORNBLOWER COMING TO BRIDGEPORT BOATWORKS Bridgeport Boatworks and RCI officials were beaming recently as Connecticut’s Governor and local officials all descended on the Boatworks helipad to announce the inclusion of the Hornblower Group to Bridgeport Harbor. And why not? The promise of a major international ferry company coming to Bridgeport has serious positive ramifications. If […]

February 2, 2021

2020 YEAR IN REVIEW Make no doubt about it 2020 was a year like no other as the coronavirus closed down businesses and cancelled events. It could not, however, stymie the forward momentum at Steelpointe Harbor. Fireworks, wildly successful boat shows, waterside dining, community investments, charitable giving and corporate expansion were all part of the […]

October 7, 2020

A BRIDGEPORT BOAT SHOW GOES UPSCALE Fox61, Jim Altman BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — The new Steelpointe Marina, which was completed in the late Spring is now up and running and play host to all things high end on the water, and on land. “It consists of boats, yachts, cars, helicopters, seaplanes, a little of everything,” said […]

October 7, 2020

BOAT SHOW BRINGS LUXURY YACHTS AND MORE TO BRIDGEPORT THIS WEEKEND By News12 A Bridgeport boat show is set to bring luxury yachts and more to the city this weekend. The Steelpointe Yacht and Charter Show runs from today through Sunday at the Bridgeport Harbor Marina. Aside from boats, the show will also feature rare […]

October 3, 2020

THE SECOND STEELPOINTE YACHT AND CHARTER SHOW WOWS GUESTS! The second Steelpointe Yacht and Charter Show to be held at Bridgeport Harbor Marina in 2020 was held in September with an exhilarating amount of fanfare. The turnout was as incredible as the weather. Guests were yet again in awe of the boats, yachts, aircraft, and […]

June 25, 2020

STEELPOINTE YACHT AND CHARTER SHOW History was made this past weekend at Steelpointe Harbor in Bridgeport. For the first time ever a Yacht and Charter Show in the Park City drew people from around the country. The Bridgeport Harbor Marina was filled with yachts, charter boats, antique and luxury cars, invited patrons, and vendors. Skyplanes […]

May 19, 2020

BOCA OYSTER BAR’S WATERFRONT PATIO OPEN FOR SERVICE ON MAY 20TH! On May 20th, in conjunction with the Connecticut Governor’s reopening of the state, Boca Oyster Bar Restaurant at Steelpointe Harbor will be swinging its patio doors open to the public. While providing spacious patio dining on Bridgeport Harbor, Boca Oyster Bar will again serve […]