Setting the Standards for Excellence

Wherever RCI plants its flag it joins stakeholders to improve the neighboring communities. From Florida to Michigan to Connecticut, RCI traditionally finds relevant and unique ways to give back. In Miami, RCI offered up its Marina to the Miami Dolphins football team to raise money for charity through fishing and sailing tournaments. Bike rides, golf tournaments, and regattas were ways for RCI to leverage the generosity of its clients to participate in the giving. In Michigan RCI donated Steer to 4-H clubs that would eventually feed people at senior centers and food pantries.

One macro example of RCI involvement is in Bridgeport, CT. The Steelpointe Harbor project has long been an aspirational development for the people of Bridgeport. As a lynchpin construction development project, Steelpointe Harbor and the Bridgeport community are inextricably tied together, pulling in the same direction. To that end, traditionally, Steelpointe Harbor developers Bridgeport Landing Development (BLD, a division of RCI) has made it a priority to be part of the community. BLD regularly contributes expertise, joint effort, and sponsorship of organizations and initiatives that serve to improve the community’s quality of life and the project’s objectives of creating a vital development project.

Steelpointe Harbor developers have been intentional in their areas of community support. It is evident that to have a successful development surrounding communities must be healthy, housed, and nourished. Also, BLD believes youth must be inspired and opportunities must exist for family recreation. There are many areas of Steelpointe giving as with the Bridgeport Regional Business Council supporting economic development or with ethnic celebrations and neighborhood initiatives that make BLD support comprehensive and encompassing. As well, there is focused support for organizations and initiatives that align with the values of Steelpointe Harbor.